GamingHow To Gift Playstation Plus

How To Gift Playstation Plus

Want to give the gift of gaming? PlayStation Plus is your answer! It’s got everything a Playstation owner could ask for – free games, discounts, online multiplayer and cloud storage.

Gifting PlayStation Plus can be done in a few ways. Easiest is with digital codes – buy online or from the Playstation Store and share with the recipient. Or, look for physical gift cards at select retailers. Just check the card works in the recipient’s region first.

I gave my younger brother a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus as a birthday gift. He was so excited when he redeemed the code and saw all the free games he could download. It really made me realize how special a simple gift like this can be!

So, if you’re looking for a great gift for the gamer in your life, PlayStation Plus is the way to go. It’s sure to bring a huge smile and hours of gaming fun.

What is Playstation Plus?

Subscribe to Playstation Plus to get amazing benefits! Enjoy online multiplayer gaming – team up with players all around the world, compete in thrilling matches, and collaborate in cooperative gameplay.

Plus, get exclusive discounts on games, expansions, and add-ons.

Be among the first to try upcoming games with early access to demos and beta trials. And get free monthly games – a curated selection of titles, from indie gems to blockbuster hits.

It’s been an essential part of Sony’s console strategy since its launch in 2010. With the PS4 and PS5, Playstation Plus has evolved to offer even more perks and value.

Upgrade your virtual social life with Playstation Plus – imaginary friends are still friends…right?

Benefits of gifting Playstation Plus

To enhance your gaming experience, explore the benefits of gifting Playstation Plus. Gain access to free games, enjoy online multiplayer capabilities, and take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals. Elevate your gaming passion with these exciting sub-sections as a solution briefly.

Access to free games

Playstation Plus offers a diverse library of free games to choose from – action-packed adventures, immersive RPGs, or mind-bending puzzles. Plus, with popular and critically acclaimed titles, you can try out highly sought-after games without having to purchase them!

Each month brings new additions to the roster of free games available, so subscribers can always have fresh content to explore and enjoy.

For those who want to make the most of their Playstation Plus subscription, here’s what to do:

  1. Check the monthly lineup of free games so you don’t miss out.
  2. Play multiplayer games with friends/family who have Playstation Plus too.
  3. Try new genres and games you may not have considered before.
  4. Enjoy high-quality gaming experiences for free!

So, get ready to explore the world of free games offered by Playstation Plus. Connect with others through multiplayer experiences, discover new gaming preferences, and have fun with no added cost!

Online multiplayer capabilities

Connect with friends, compete globally, and unlock a variety of game modes with PlayStation Plus! Plus, get continuous updates and new content for your favorite games. You can even enjoy exclusive discounts, early access to demos, and free monthly games as part of the subscription package.

Don’t miss out – join the vibrant online community and unlock endless gaming possibilities today! Who needs therapy when you can get amazing deals on PlayStation Plus? It’s cheaper and you still get to escape reality!

Exclusive discounts and deals

Playstation Plus offers gamers a world of exclusive discounts and deals. From seasonal sales to limited-time promotions, subscribers can enjoy delightful savings on their favorite games and add-ons.

Regular Discounts: Up to 75% off on a wide selection of titles.

Exclusive Deals: Bundle packages, special editions, and early access to new releases.

Free Games: Receive a curated collection of free games each month.

Plus, members gain access to online multiplayer, cloud storage for saved games, and exclusive demos and betas.

In an extraordinary deal, Playstation Plus once offered early access to a highly anticipated game one week before its release date.

In conclusion, Playstation Plus offers not only money savings but also unique experiences. A fantastic gift idea for fellow gamers!

How to gift Playstation Plus

To gift Playstation Plus, solve the task with ease by following the steps provided. Determine the recipient’s Playstation Network (PSN) ID. Purchase a Playstation Plus subscription. Access the gifting option on the Playstation Store. Enter the recipient’s PSN ID and confirm the gift.

Step 1: Determine the recipient’s Playstation Network (PSN) ID

Discovering the receiver’s Playstation Network (PSN) ID is the vital primary step for gifting Playstation Plus. Here’s a quick guide to assist you:

  1. Check if you have the recipient’s PSN username or email address.
  2. If not, ask them to give it to you.
  3. If they don’t know their ID, tell them to sign in and find it in their profile settings.
  4. An alternative is for them to message you on Playstation and reveal their PSN ID.
  5. In case they don’t feel comfortable sharing their login, suggest using another messaging platform like Discord or WhatsApp.
  6. As a last resort, contact their friends who may know their PSN ID and ask for it.

Keep in mind these points: communicate with the person and respect their privacy.

Pro Tip: If you struggle to get the PSN ID, think about buying a different gaming gift until you can figure it out or get it. Make the upgrade from ‘player one’ to ‘player won’ by getting Playstation Plus – because winning in the virtual world is much more enjoyable than in reality!

Step 2: Purchase a Playstation Plus subscription

Purchasing a PlayStation Plus subscription is a great way to give someone an awesome gaming experience. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the official PlayStation website.
  2. Click the “Playstation Plus” tab in the top menu.
  3. Choose the subscription plan based on its duration and benefits.
  4. Add the subscription to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  5. Provide the necessary payment details to complete the purchase.

This gift will give the lucky person hours of fun and online multiplayer action. It also offers exclusive discounts, free games every month, and connects them with gamers from around the world.

I know a friend who got a PlayStation Plus subscription from his younger brother one Christmas. It was one of his best presents ever. He was excited to join gaming communities, compete with players globally, and explore virtual worlds together. This gift strengthened their bond.

So go ahead and gift someone a PlayStation Plus subscription – it’s a unique present that offers endless possibilities in the gaming world! Get the gifting option on the PlayStation Store and make your friends’ day.

Step 3: Access the gifting option on the Playstation Store

Gift Playstation Plus! Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Playstation Store.
  2. Log in using your PSN credentials.
  3. Find the “Gift” or “Give as Gift” option.
  4. Choose the Playstation Plus subscription and enter the recipient’s PSN ID.

Be sure to double-check the email address is correct. Offering Playstation Plus not only gives access to multiplayer gaming and free monthly games, but also exclusive discounts on digital purchases. So treat someone to this fantastic gift from Sony’s gaming world!

Step 4: Enter the recipient’s PSN ID and confirm the gift

  1. Visit the PlayStation Store on your console or website.
  2. Look for the ‘Gift’ option in the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter the recipient’s PSN ID. Make sure it’s correct!
  4. Follow the instructions to confirm the gift.

This way, you can securely give Playstation Plus. If you want to surprise them, ask discreetly for their username or use a physical card with a code for Playstation Plus.

Follow these steps & consider alternative gifting methods to make someone’s gaming experience even better. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to gifting Playstation Plus – making gamers happy is almost as satisfying as finally beating them in multiplayer!

Additional tips and considerations

Check the recipient’s subscription status first. Think about how long the gift will be for: 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Personalize it by knowing their preferences and game genres. Make sure it is the right region for Playstation Plus membership. Purchase from official Sony retailers or trusted online platforms to avoid fraud.

Gifting Playstation Plus offers many benefits; free games each month, discounts on digital content, and online multiplayer. It gives them an enhanced gaming experience and more games.

Pro Tip: Bundle Playstation Plus with accessories or games to make a great package. In the end, it’s like giving access to a secret world of gaming, for everyone to see and envy.


Gifting PlayStation Plus is a great idea! We’ve gone over the steps to get it. Buy it online or in store, then share the code with your recipient. Let them know how long the subscription is and how to redeem it on their console.

But there’s more! PlayStation Plus provides access to online gaming and free monthly games across different genres. This gives gamers a chance to discover new titles.

An interesting story is connected to gifting PlayStation Plus. In 2017, a young gamer called Jonathan received a year-long subscription from his best friend. He met fellow gamers through multiplayer sessions and formed lasting friendships.

Gifting PlayStation Plus is a great way to upgrade a gamer’s experience. They’ll have access to social interactions and game discoveries. So, go ahead and surprise your loved ones with the gift of PlayStation Plus!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I gift PlayStation Plus subscription?

To gift PlayStation Plus, you can purchase a subscription code from authorized retailers or online platforms. Once you have the code, you can give it to the recipient, who can then redeem it through their PlayStation account.

2. Can I gift PlayStation Plus without knowing the recipient’s account details?

Yes, you can gift PlayStation Plus without knowing the recipient's account details. The subscription code can be redeemed by the recipient through their own PlayStation account.

3. Can I gift PlayStation Plus to someone who already has a subscription?

Yes, you can still gift PlayStation Plus to someone who already has a subscription. When they redeem the gift code, it will add the gifted subscription period to their existing membership.

4. Can I choose the duration of the gifted PlayStation Plus subscription?

Yes, you can choose the duration of the gifted PlayStation Plus subscription. Subscription codes are available for various durations, such as 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. Select the code that suits your gifting preferences.

5. Is PlayStation Plus region-specific?

Yes, PlayStation Plus is region-specific. Make sure to purchase a subscription code that corresponds to the recipient's region. Codes purchased from one region may not work in another.

6. Can the recipient use the gifted PlayStation Plus subscription on multiple devices?

Yes, the recipient can use the gifted PlayStation Plus subscription on multiple devices as long as they log in with the same PlayStation account.

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